5 ways pet hair can destroy a “normal” vacuum cleaner

Normal vacuum cleaners are not made for pet hair. Period. Fido’s fine coat can ruin a vacuum cleaner quicker than a room full of bowling balls – we never understood why this was shown as a selling point for vacuum cleaners! If you have pets and want a clean house as well as a fully functional vacuum cleaner then you need one that is pet friendly, like found here.

To show you why, the following five ways pet hair can destroy a “normal” vacuum cleaner are detailed below:

For normal filters, cat hair and dog hair causes a problem. It either penetrates the filter or blocks it. While filters can be cleaned, unless it is a washable filter which many of the normal vacuum cleaners don’t have, it is almost impossible to get all of the hair out. This causes problems with suction and eventually destroys the vacuum cleaner.

No matter how hard you try and stop this happening, with normal vacuum cleaner filtering systems some pet hair – usually cat hair – will get into the motor. When this happens it doesn’t take long for the motor to overheat and stop working. Soon you will have an expensive machine that doesn’t do anything!

Pet hair seems to be able to reduce the suction of a vacuum cleaner more than any other substance or material. The main reason is that it causes so many problems throughout the whole vacuum cleaner system.

Hoses and Pipes
When not designed for pet hair it is amazing how quickly these can fill up and become blocked. Literally in a matter of minutes not days. This causes added pressure to the whole vacuum cleaner, affects the suction and eventually leads to the whole system overheating and burning out.

Brushes and heads
Pet hair and “normal” vacuum cleaner brushes and heads don’t seem to like each other. Either the brushes get full of pet hair, or they stop sucking it up. If you need a vacuum that cmbats both pet hair and carpet capabilities then check out this site.

As you can see from above normal vacuum cleaners and pet hair are not a match made in heaven. If you have pets then look at brands and vacuum cleaners that specifically are designed for pet hair. Your house and your budget will thank you for it in the long run.

What I bought for my sister in law

This baby monitor – Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor is the perfect tool for your baby’s monitoring system. It is also a best buy to grandparents who have little grandchildren staying at their home. As a matter of fact, even as the baby gets a little older, this baby monitor can still be of help to parents and grandparents sleeping and/or staying in bed.

The compact unit is very nice and the features are all excellent and money worth. It offers private connection with zero interference for both units. The DECT technology ensures that there will be no interference but a big yes to privacy. Its temperature sensor can be customized and set according to one’s need. It has also a built-in night-light and lullabies as well as talkback feature that are excellent for the children’s room during nighttime. The coverage range is up to 330 meters.

Setting up Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor is very easy. You just need to read and follow the directions carefully just like with the Samsung SEW-3038W. It comes in complete direction in of course English and also in Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Just follow them carefully to set all the functions for complete and excellent usage.

The transmission power of this monitor is absolutely outstanding as well as its sound quality. The talkback feature is the best because if your child needs assistance at night you can immediately tell since you can hear everything. You can even know if your child sleep-talks and be entertained on what he or she is talking in her sleep.

The lullabies sound fantastic. It can make your child sleep in seconds. They are very soothing and kind-of familiar that will help them be in peace and sleep well. The sounds are really soft and nice and not at all loud. You can even adjust the volume to perfectly synchronize the melody to your likes. Having to play lullabies to your child is great since lullabies can ease agitations to kids and are also very soothing that would definitely make them fall asleep. The nightlight function of this monitor also adds to the softness and soothing feeling of the room. It is not distracting. It will just give off a little light perfect for the night.

What more is the automatic feeding timer just beside the temperature sensor? You just need to set it to the feeding time schedule of your baby and each exact time, it will alarm and remind you that it is feeding time. This is very convenient and helpful especially if you have so many things to do and is very busy that you forgot about time. This function will alert you and tell that it is time to feed your baby.

This monitor device is very convenient for parents as well as grandparents taking care of their little one. It is an excellent choice and highly recommended to have for the monitoring of your child in their nursery room.

Back to the drawing board…new baseball cleats…Opinions?

Try playing baseball without cleats, it’s just not smart and painful to play without the correct footing gear. Baseball cleats must be in your bag if you want to be guaranteed a good game or even be considered a baseball player. Before starting your baseball season, one of the first choices to make is finding the best cleats possible based on your ability. With that in mind, there are plenty of brands to choose from and the one you prefer is determined by performance, cushion, price, style, and personal preference. Nike is a favorite of mine because they offer everything I could want in a cleat with nice style and at a good price. But that is just personal preference.

If you don’t know which brand to start with, how about I mention a few that are the top picks of baseball players out there. Lets see which ones are the best baseball cleats:

  • Mizuno 9 Spike Classis Low G4 – Mizuno is the leading baseball outfitting company in Asia but draws plenty of customers from the US. This specific cleat is a popular one worn by athletes from Stanford, Georgia Tech, Clemson and other colleges. The spike technology of this cleat offers great control over batting, throwing, and running.
  • Nike Monster Shox – the shox cleats that Nike offers are great for speed and comfort. The material of this cleat is breathable so that your feet stay dry and performing at their best. This cleat is more narrow than other cleats because it was inspired by track shoes, allowing the player to get great speed but with plenty of comfort.
  • Under Armour Bomber Low Metal – not the most popular of brands for cleats, but Under Armour is gaining more ground with their shoes. The full-length EVA midsole is perfect for cushioning as it shifts the pressure of the cleat equally. The traction of this cleat is designed for performance in the batter’s box but it performs well around the bases

These three brands are quite popular in the baseball world, but a few more that are worth mentioning are Adidas, Puma, and Reebok. Each one of these brands runs sales on a frequent basis, that way you don’t have to pay full price unless you just want to. Baseball cleats on sale means that the style may be getting replaced with a newer one, or the stock of cleats needs to be switched and the store wants to get them off the shelves. Finding baseball cleats on sale is your best bet at saving money.

Cheap Cleats:
There are two major things that will make you a better baseball player: cleats and bats. This site outlining the top usa youth bats for 2018 is a great starting point from a bats perspective. If you don’t want to invest in a nice pair of cleats or you just aren’t a serious baseball player, you may want a pair of cheap baseball cleats. These are available all over the market. To find cheap baseball cleats you will may want to select an off-brand. None of the brands listed above would be considered an off-brand. A brand that is less popular will offer you the cheapest price. Also select molded cleats instead of metal cleats, that will reduce the price drastically.

What we are using for soccer season

If you look at a pair of soccer cleats and a pair of Baseball/Softball cleats, you will notice they look very much alike. However, there are a few differences that set them apart from one another. Generally speaking both cleats are the same in most respects. But each game is played differently and manufacturers developed the cleats a little different to be more specific for each sport. So below I am going to show you 5 differences between soccer cleats and Baseball/Softball cleats.

Toe Leather

Both soccer cleats and Baseball/Softball cleats have a leather toe. However, the leather on the soccer cleat is more durable. This is because in the game of soccer the top of the shoe is used to kick the ball. So the leather needs to be stronger and more durable. In Baseball/Softball you just use your feet to run and you therefore don’t need a strong toe leather. Instead for softball you need a strong powerful yet inexpensive bat just like found on this best slowpitch bats 2018.

Toe Spike

In the game of Baseball/Softball you need to get out the box or to a ball as quickly as possible. That is why Baseball/Softball cleats have an extra toe spike. Soccer cleats don’t have an extra toe spike. This is because as soccer player you are constantly running up and down the field. Because of this you don’t need the extra push a Baseball/Softball player would need. Another reason you don’t see the toe spike on soccer cleats is because it can cause serious injury and is therefore illegal in most soccer leagues.

Ankle Support

Baseball/Softball cleats have a lot more ankle support than soccer cleats. This is due to the quick lateral movements Baseball/Softball players are constantly doing. Soccer cleats don’t provide ankle support because it will hinder the range of movement the players can do. Soccer players need a wide range of movement to kick the ball with accuracy.

Length Of Spikes

Soccer players play on grass while Baseball/Softball players play on dirt or turf. That means Baseball/Softball players will need more traction than soccer players. Soccer cleats are shorter because they help the soccer players stay closer to the ground. This is very important for balance and center of gravity. Softball players also need to look at top equipment available to make themselves better players. View more here.

Steel Cleats

You will never see a pair of soccer cleats with steel cleats. As stated before, the game of soccer is played on grass. So steel cleats really are needed to run around in grass. Soccer is also involved kicking the ball around a lot. Because of this steel cleats aren’t allowed as it creates a high potential for serious injury.

As far as softball goes, the games are played on a lot tougher surfaces. Some fields are a lot harder to run on and steel cleats are the only cleats that will allow the player to dig in, get a grip and run. You will find some cleats have replaceable cleats. This is great for when you are playing on different surfaces. If its a hard surface you can use the steel cleats and if its a soft surface you can use the rubber cleats.

Baseball season continues: what we chose for cleats

Straight out the box you will see how amazing this pair of cleats looks. Dare I say this is a sexy pair of cleats? When you see them you will know exactly what I mean. As usual, Nike has created something that is simply amazing. As we all know, looks are a very important part of a baseball shoe. If you look good, you feel good and you play much better. But the looks of the shoe can only get you so. What really matters is whats under the hood.

Many have called the Nike Lunar Huarache the most technologically advanced baseball cleat ever created. Does it live it up to that name? I guess we will just have to see. The first thing I want to discuss is the carbon plate zoom forefoot. One of the most important things in the game of baseball is that first step. View more from OutAtHomePlate.com.

You want to get off the bases quickly and with great balance and speed. With the Nike Lunar Huarache your first step will be explosive and responsive. With the six full length cleats and the three smaller cleats in the forefoot you will get amazing traction every time you take off. It is the perfect cleat to optimize your speed on the field. And the grip on these babies will blow you away just like the top shoes.

This baseball shoe is built to last and designed to go the distance no matter what position you play. It is lightweight yet extremely strong. Two things every baseball cleat needs to have. The upper is Hyperfused which gives it comfort and durability. It also provides the much needed ventilation without adding extra bulk to the shoe. It has a mesh inner sleeve that wraps around the foot of the shoe.

This is what ultimately gives you traction and comfort. The Lunarlon midsole with a Nike Zoom unit is what provides the low profile cushioning. Another really great feature is the foam sockliner. The sockliner forms to the shape of your foot making the shoe feel like it is custom fit for you and no one else. And to get the shoe on and off easily all you have to do is pull the tab located at the heel.

Now, let’s talk about what a few customers have had to say about the Nike Lunar Huarache baseball cleat. Overall the reviews seem to be very positive. However, there is one thing that seems to keep coming up and that is the comfort of the shoe. Some have said the shoe caused blisters because of the hard piece of plastic at the heel of the shoe. So as far as overall comfort goes you might have a few problems.

But for the most part, the shoe makes for a great baseball cleat. Especially for those who play competitively and when using catchers equipment. It can handle the insane amount of pressure that comes along with playing a game of baseball. And while you might have a little heel discomfort, for the most part your game will be strong from the first inning until the last inning.

The baby monitor that works best for us

For those of us parents who have researched and researched a lot for the perfect baby monitor this Motorola MBP36 remote wireless video monitor is the one we’ve been looking for. If money is not really a concern for you and approved on spending a little more then this baby monitor is the best. This audio/video baby monitor works out well and with a 3.5 inches monitor, you will definitely not ask for more.

This baby monitor will make you feel at ease and assured that your baby is sleeping peacefully. It has a 2.4GHz FHSS technology that gives you a very clear sound of your baby for up to 200 m. range. You can move and do anything around your house or even at the yard since you can immediately hear if your baby is awake and needs you.

The 3.5” LCD display shows full color video monitoring with an excellent infrared night vision for seeing clearly your baby even at night. You can be able to see your baby very clearly breathing at night. You are able to see everything that’s going on in your baby’s room or crib in detail. The best way to mount the device is on the wall that is the closest to the crib in the part where you can see the whole crib and the room. This is very convenient to children who roll over when asleep. You will surely see the entire crib and follow your sleeping baby. There is also the built-in data encryption for added security which explained better at http://watchingmybaby.com/.

When you use this Motorola video baby monitor, you will definitely appreciate it. It has no noise and absolutely silent when you scan the monitor. It does not wake your baby. For mommies out there who wake up at every little whimpering of your baby at night, this video monitor is excellent for you. You can adjust the volume of the device to the highest level so that you can hear even the softest breathing of your baby. Or you can put down the volume to its lowest level when he cries very loud so that your husband or other members of the family will not wakeup too.

The battery of this Motorola video monitor is also nice because it can lasts for up to 8-10 hours. However, if you want to be sure that it will not stop in the middle of the night, plug it to the power outlet. There is absolutely no delay in the audio or video showing so what you actually see on the monitor is what is really happening in the room. So, you can get to your baby fast when necessary (comparable model: Samsung SEW-3037w.

Motorola MBP36 remote wireless video baby monitor is really the best. You can now sleep and throw away your worries of not being able to see and know what is happening to your baby especially during at night or when you need to do your household chores. You can easily hear and see your baby with this video monitor.

My son chose Baden bats

Are you considering a Baden baseball bat this year? Then check out our reviews of the top-2 models made by this company.

If you are looking for an exciting new bat this summer then please continue reading our Baden AXE Element BBCOR review. Relatively new to the BBCOR world, Baden has already modernized a hitters swing with the introduction of their AXE handle.

So what exactly is meant by a modern handle? As you can see from the photo on the left, instead of a regular handle found on most bats, the handle on the 2012 Baden Element L137 looks exactly like the handle you would find on an axe, or on one of the Best baseball gloves 2018. The next section describes why this will actually help you behind the plate.

AXE Element – Main Features


  • Axe shaped handle
  • Fast bat speed

Priced at just over $100 right now, we feel that the Baden Element provides huge bang for your buck. The feature list is very similar when you compare this bat with the more expensive Baden model (the Elite). Below are the major features associated to this bat.

  • Axe shaped handle – Although the handle of the element may look funny at first, there have been actual biomechanical tests performed that have resulted in great results. Using the axe handle at the bottom of the bat, a hitters hand rests right against the bottom of the bat and provides them with perfect swing mechanics each and every time.
  • Large sweet spot – The handle itself is obviously a really neat feature, but how about the amount of power the bat has? With a 2 5/8 inch sweetspot, the alloy used in the Baden Element has been specially designed to be long lasting while providing a large hitting surface.
  • One piece – Often preferred by power hitters, the one-piece design of the Element provides the stiffness and performance to ensure you will be launching bombs in every direction.

Sizes available: 31 in/28 oz, 32 in/29 oz, 32.5 in/29.5 oz, 33 in/30 oz, and 34 in/31 oz

Our Thoughts

If you are intrigued or interested in the axe handle system then the 2012 Baden Element L137 BBCOR bat. We have also reviewed another similar version from Baden, named the Elite. The Element itself is less expensive than the Elite version, so if you wanted to save some money first before moving up one level then this bat may be exactly what you are looking for.

Baden is one of the newest brands to bring out a line of great BBCOR bats, including the one featured on this page: the Baden Axe Elite BBCOR bat. On this page we will overview all of the most important features for you so you can determine if this is a good bat for you. The 2012 version of the Axe Elite is currently on sale for a full $100 off!

With a balanced and evenly distributed swing weight, the Axe Elite L130 has received countless bbcor baseball bat reviews from hitters who have purchased. Many love the sound it produced on contact, and feel that it provides a great amount of pop and is great for line-drive hitters as well.

Features of the AXE Elite


  • Innovative handle
  • Balanced swing

In this section of our review, we are going to focus on the major features included with the bat. We were skeptical at first at we had not heard much from Baden in the past but were quite impressed.

  • Modernized handle – The patented Axe handle is incredible. Shaped just like an axe, the bat handle sites right against the bottom of your hand which provides an incredibly controlled swing. Especially when using a heavy hitters like this one, a nice fluid swing is key to generating those extra base hits.
  • Reduced Injury risk – Another great benefit of the Axe handle is that is will reduce injury risk due to way it conforms to your swing. With normal handles, some players will often complain about fatigue, but this had been reduced considerable with this style of handle.
  • High quality barrel – The Axe Elite features an LP Alloy which stands for Longitudinal performance. Using high quality aluminum, this allows for a longer sweet spot area but keep the bat more durable than one made with regular aluminum.

Sizes available: 31 in/28 oz, 32 in/29 oz, 32.5 in/29.5 oz, 33 in/30 oz, and 34 in/31 oz

Final Thoughts

If you are in for something new this season then we would recommend the 2012 Baden AXE Elite L130 BBCOR bat. The handle itself does take some time getting used to but if you can figure it out, we believe that you will find yourself hitting long bombs with much more ease than before.