What we are using for soccer season

If you look at a pair of soccer cleats and a pair of Baseball/Softball cleats, you will notice they look very much alike. However, there are a few differences that set them apart from one another. Generally speaking both cleats are the same in most respects. But each game is played differently and manufacturers developed the cleats a little different to be more specific for each sport. So below I am going to show you 5 differences between soccer cleats and Baseball/Softball cleats.

Toe Leather

Both soccer cleats and Baseball/Softball cleats have a leather toe. However, the leather on the soccer cleat is more durable. This is because in the game of soccer the top of the shoe is used to kick the ball. So the leather needs to be stronger and more durable. In Baseball/Softball you just use your feet to run and you therefore don’t need a strong toe leather. Instead for softball you need a strong powerful yet inexpensive bat just like found on this best slowpitch bats 2018.

Toe Spike

In the game of Baseball/Softball you need to get out the box or to a ball as quickly as possible. That is why Baseball/Softball cleats have an extra toe spike. Soccer cleats don’t have an extra toe spike. This is because as soccer player you are constantly running up and down the field. Because of this you don’t need the extra push a Baseball/Softball player would need. Another reason you don’t see the toe spike on soccer cleats is because it can cause serious injury and is therefore illegal in most soccer leagues.

Ankle Support

Baseball/Softball cleats have a lot more ankle support than soccer cleats. This is due to the quick lateral movements Baseball/Softball players are constantly doing. Soccer cleats don’t provide ankle support because it will hinder the range of movement the players can do. Soccer players need a wide range of movement to kick the ball with accuracy.

Length Of Spikes

Soccer players play on grass while Baseball/Softball players play on dirt or turf. That means Baseball/Softball players will need more traction than soccer players. Soccer cleats are shorter because they help the soccer players stay closer to the ground. This is very important for balance and center of gravity. Softball players also need to look at top equipment available to make themselves better players. View more here.

Steel Cleats

You will never see a pair of soccer cleats with steel cleats. As stated before, the game of soccer is played on grass. So steel cleats really are needed to run around in grass. Soccer is also involved kicking the ball around a lot. Because of this steel cleats aren’t allowed as it creates a high potential for serious injury.

As far as softball goes, the games are played on a lot tougher surfaces. Some fields are a lot harder to run on and steel cleats are the only cleats that will allow the player to dig in, get a grip and run. You will find some cleats have replaceable cleats. This is great for when you are playing on different surfaces. If its a hard surface you can use the steel cleats and if its a soft surface you can use the rubber cleats.