Back to the drawing board…new baseball cleats…Opinions?

Try playing baseball without cleats, it’s just not smart and painful to play without the correct footing gear. Baseball cleats must be in your bag if you want to be guaranteed a good game or even be considered a baseball player. Before starting your baseball season, one of the first choices to make is finding the best cleats possible based on your ability. With that in mind, there are plenty of brands to choose from and the one you prefer is determined by performance, cushion, price, style, and personal preference. Nike is a favorite of mine because they offer everything I could want in a cleat with nice style and at a good price. But that is just personal preference.

If you don’t know which brand to start with, how about I mention a few that are the top picks of baseball players out there. Lets see which ones are the best baseball cleats:

  • Mizuno 9 Spike Classis Low G4 – Mizuno is the leading baseball outfitting company in Asia but draws plenty of customers from the US. This specific cleat is a popular one worn by athletes from Stanford, Georgia Tech, Clemson and other colleges. The spike technology of this cleat offers great control over batting, throwing, and running.
  • Nike Monster Shox – the shox cleats that Nike offers are great for speed and comfort. The material of this cleat is breathable so that your feet stay dry and performing at their best. This cleat is more narrow than other cleats because it was inspired by track shoes, allowing the player to get great speed but with plenty of comfort.
  • Under Armour Bomber Low Metal – not the most popular of brands for cleats, but Under Armour is gaining more ground with their shoes. The full-length EVA midsole is perfect for cushioning as it shifts the pressure of the cleat equally. The traction of this cleat is designed for performance in the batter’s box but it performs well around the bases

These three brands are quite popular in the baseball world, but a few more that are worth mentioning are Adidas, Puma, and Reebok. Each one of these brands runs sales on a frequent basis, that way you don’t have to pay full price unless you just want to. Baseball cleats on sale means that the style may be getting replaced with a newer one, or the stock of cleats needs to be switched and the store wants to get them off the shelves. Finding baseball cleats on sale is your best bet at saving money.

Cheap Cleats:
There are two major things that will make you a better baseball player: cleats and bats. This site outlining the top youth bats for 2016 is a great starting point from a bats perspective. If you don’t want to invest in a nice pair of cleats or you just aren’t a serious baseball player, you may want a pair of cheap baseball cleats. These are available all over the market. To find cheap baseball cleats you will may want to select an off-brand. None of the brands listed above would be considered an off-brand. A brand that is less popular will offer you the cheapest price. Also select molded cleats instead of metal cleats, that will reduce the price drastically.

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