The baby monitor that works best for us

For those of us parents who have researched and researched a lot for the perfect baby monitor this Motorola MBP36 remote wireless video monitor is the one we’ve been looking for. If money is not really a concern for you and approved on spending a little more then this baby monitor is the best. This audio/video baby monitor works out well and with a 3.5 inches monitor, you will definitely not ask for more.

This baby monitor will make you feel at ease and assured that your baby is sleeping peacefully. It has a 2.4GHz FHSS technology that gives you a very clear sound of your baby for up to 200 m. range. You can move and do anything around your house or even at the yard since you can immediately hear if your baby is awake and needs you.

The 3.5” LCD display shows full color video monitoring with an excellent infrared night vision for seeing clearly your baby even at night. You can be able to see your baby very clearly breathing at night. You are able to see everything that’s going on in your baby’s room or crib in detail. The best way to mount the device is on the wall that is the closest to the crib in the part where you can see the whole crib and the room. This is very convenient to children who roll over when asleep. You will surely see the entire crib and follow your sleeping baby. There is also the built-in data encryption for added security which explained better at

When you use this Motorola video baby monitor, you will definitely appreciate it. It has no noise and absolutely silent when you scan the monitor. It does not wake your baby. For mommies out there who wake up at every little whimpering of your baby at night, this video monitor is excellent for you. You can adjust the volume of the device to the highest level so that you can hear even the softest breathing of your baby. Or you can put down the volume to its lowest level when he cries very loud so that your husband or other members of the family will not wakeup too.

The battery of this Motorola video monitor is also nice because it can lasts for up to 8-10 hours. However, if you want to be sure that it will not stop in the middle of the night, plug it to the power outlet. There is absolutely no delay in the audio or video showing so what you actually see on the monitor is what is really happening in the room. So, you can get to your baby fast when necessary (comparable model: Samsung SEW-3037w.

Motorola MBP36 remote wireless video baby monitor is really the best. You can now sleep and throw away your worries of not being able to see and know what is happening to your baby especially during at night or when you need to do your household chores. You can easily hear and see your baby with this video monitor.

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